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Mindful Memory

Apr 20, 2021
#Python #debug

Every wonder how much memory your Python scripts are consuming? Look no further than getsizeof and tracemalloc found in the Python Standard Library.

List Comprehensions

Mar 30, 2021
#Python #data structures

Why you should start using list comprehensions in your Python code, a brief look at a feature of lists you might have overlooked.

Python Packaging

Nov 23, 2020
#Python #packaging #Setuptools #Zipapp

Python packaging is confusing. A brief history of Python packaging is explored, followed by an in depth look at modern Python packaging tooling.

alias docker=podman

Nov 6, 2020
#containers #Podman #web server

An introduction to the open-source daemonless container engine Podman. Comparisons are made between Docker and Podman and some of the additional featurse of Podman are explored.

Gunicorn and Flask

Sep 9, 2020
#containers #Flask #web server #Gunicorn #Python

A step-by-step tutorial on how to to use containers to deploy a Flask web application with the WSGI HTTP server Gunicorn. A simple recipes application is deployed as an example.

Reverse Proxies

Aug 25, 2020
#nginx #containers #networking #Jellyfin


Jun 26, 2020
#security #web server

Quick overview of HTTPS, SSL/TLS, and public key certificates, followed by tutorial and expansion of command-line commands for generating a self-signed certificate using OpenSSL.


Jun 3, 2020
#VPN #LXD #networking #containers

Some thoughts on why you might want a VPN server at home, the advantages of using WireGuard, and finally a step by step guide on installing a WireGuard VPN server at home.


May 7, 2020
#containers #LXD

Continuing the container series naturally brings us to LXC and LXD. A brief history of the two container management systems is followed by an introduction to installing, configuring, and running LXD to deploy system containers.

Docker Build

Apr 9, 2020
#containers #python #docker

The third post in a multi-part container series. How to build and mange your own images in Docker with docker build.

Docker Compose and Volumes

Mar 19, 2020
#containers #nginx #web server #docker

The second post in a multi-part container series. An expansion on Docker volumes followed by how to get started with Docker Compose and easily manage multiple containers.

Linux Containers and Docker

Mar 6, 2020
#containers #nginx #web server #docker

The first post in a multi-part container series. A brief introduction on Linux containers is followed by a guide on installing Docker, using the Docker CLI, and managing containers.

XPS 13 Tweaks

Feb 20, 2020
#hardware #XPS 13 #ZFS

A quick review of the Dell XPS 13 9380 and the various tweaks I've made to the machine over the past six months.

Virtual Machines

Feb 7, 2020
#virtual machines #networking #home server

A short introduction to Samba going from square one to easily sharing your files over your LAN.

Simple Samba

Feb 5, 2020
#samba #NAS #networking

A short introduction to Samba going from square one to easily sharing your files over your LAN.

ZFS on Linux

Aug 11, 2019